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About the Program

  • Prepare for role in service leadership
  • Work closely with faculty mentors
  • Small class sizes for personalized support
  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Service learning and clinical internships
  • Programs in psychology, law, and more

About JFK University

  • Fully accredited, nonprofit university
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Education focused on service leadership
  • Faculty of professionals in their fields
  • Scholarships and financial aid available
  • Student services for student success
Why Nonprofit Matters

Why "Nonprofit" Matters

As a nonprofit, we're proud to put our students first, reinvesting in quality education, experienced faculty, and dedicated support services.

"I took a course in sport psychology, and found it gave me the skills to be a better person. I wanted to provide that service to others."


College of Psychology Student

Accreditation and Accolades